Advertising pieces are a reflection of our past and our present. They can range from signs to display pieces to ice picks to paper pieces. We have a sample of the whole gamut. We have a marvelous selection of porcelain signs from the the early 1900's as well as advertising display pieces and other advertising forms of all other kinds.

Good year sign

Very large, see it there in the back:)

More signs

RxR, Hood tires, pennzoil

Western Union sign

1920's Frigidaire Porcelain Sign

This is just one of the many beautiful adverstising pieces we have in the shop. This is a marvelous double side piece that we don't think was ever hung. Refrigeration was brand new back then!

Bigs Signs!

Here's another sample of the advertising pieces sitting around the shop. Come on in and see. We might just have the one you are looking for.